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Sony unveiled the Playstation 4, new Dualshock, and a host of platform features at their New York event earlier today

08 Mar

On March 3rd, developers for some of the most acclaimed independent releases of last year have announced their funding of a self-explanatory Indie Fund. Braid developer Jonathan Blow, World of Goo devs Ron Carmel and Kyle Gabler, Armadillo Gold Rush creator Aaron Isaksen, and employee of thatgamecompany (the makers of flOwer) Kellee Santiago will reveal […]

04 Nov

HotHead Games announced today that they will be releasing the 2008 Xbox Live Arcade hit Braid onto Playstation Network by November 12th in the United States. A release date for European regions will be announced shortly after the release. Braid was developed by ‘indie developer’ Jonathan Blow and has generally been lauded for the unique […]