Misc SonyTease Featurebanner 21 Feb

Sony unveiled the Playstation 4, new Dualshock, and a host of platform features at their New York event earlier today

07 Mar

Dave Perry announced, during last week’s Game Developers Conference, that the cloud-streaming game service Gaikai has gone live to public beta. The service has debuted with five PC demos for Dead Space 2, Spore, Mass Effect 2, The Sims 3, and Linden Labs’ Second Life. The network claims to be “the fastest interactive proximity network […]

18 Nov

Dave Perry’s cloud-based streaming platform Gaikai entered public beta late yesterday, with 11,000 invitations having been sent out prior to the opening. More invitations will be sent out as initial feedback is taken into consideration and the service’s infrastructure is beefed up to accommodate the additional necessary traffic. Interested players can register for the beta […]