24 Oct

The official Full Hearts Marathon poster for this year's event.

The staff of Elder-Geek are pleased to announce our partnership with the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages for our Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Full Hearts Marathon for Child’s Play. The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages, or UESP, is one of the largest and most popular Elder Scrolls fan pages in existence. With over 50,000 visitors daily, their user-generated wiki serves as the most valuable source for information on the Elder Scrolls games. With the assistance of such an established site, we at Elder-Geek hope to spread word of the charity marathon to even more fans.

Furthermore, the UESP has pledged to match all donations up to $1,000. The staff of Elder-Geek would personally like to thank UESP founder Dave Humphrey for his generosity. We are confident this year’s charity drive will be the most successful yet, and we owe a great deal of that to the people at UESP.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Full Hearts Marathon for Child’s Play will take place from 6PM Eastern on Friday, November 11th to 6PM Eastern on Sunday, November 13th. The staff of Elder-Geek will stream non-stop live gameplay from Skyrim – playing a character designed with input from our fans. We will give prizes furnished by our partner sites to live viewers as well as fans who have donated to our charity drive. For more information, please visit Elder-Geek.com.

5 thoughts on “Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages Pledges Matching Donation”

  1. Oh man just realized i won’t be able to watch this. There’s an argie game devs convention days 10 and 11. This sucks…

  2. That is unbelievably sad because:

    1. You can’t make it.

    2. Argentinian developers are making people work on the release day of Skyrim.

    In the states, most gamers are going to be playing it like crazy because it falls on a holiday.

    1. I just checked and while the convention is actually the 11th through 12th, there’s that Pearl Jam concert on the 10th, so basically i’m gonna be FUBAR. Fret not, i’ll show up to say hello at some hour, some way or another, most likely drunk :)

        1. lol that’d be cool.

          Couldn’t had worse timing though. The play in another city so i’ve got like a 3 hour train ride and i gotta be up by 8 next day to go to conferences and all that.

          Maaan i wanted to see Randy’s face stepping out of the tutorial cave/prison/dungeon…

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