10 May

Sony’s original end date for the Playstation Network’s restructuring ended two days ago, but with a revised statement put up on Friday, the company delayed the re-launch until sometime in the future. We now have an updated time frame to that delay, and it is not any time soon. According to Bloomberg, Sony is now […]

05 May

And we were just starting to feel secure. Sony’s online services¬† have suffered a second attack, a hacking of Sony Online Entertainment seemingly related to the earlier outage of the Playstation Network. The electronics company had to take down the service around Monday morning, and has since issued a press release stating that 24.6 million […]

18 Apr

Although hacker group Anonymous recently halted their attacks on Sony (allegedly for closing their platform and restricting its consumer’s use of their own product), the organization has said they are far from finished with the electronic s company. Anonymous has begun organizing protest demonstrations against Sony at many of their outlet stores worldwide.