21 Jun

[Initial research done by Eli English] In the latest of a recent string of high-profile intrusions, Bethesda announced last week that hackers had gained access to data on the company’s servers. While assuring that no credit card or financial information was breached, Bethesda did confirm that members’ usernames, passwords and email addresses were compromised, leading […]

05 May

And we were just starting to feel secure. Sony’s online services¬† have suffered a second attack, a hacking of Sony Online Entertainment seemingly related to the earlier outage of the Playstation Network. The electronics company had to take down the service around Monday morning, and has since issued a press release stating that 24.6 million […]

13 Oct

Major changes are coming to the industry’s go-to resource for sales figures. The NPD Group has announced some sweeping changes, effective immediately with the release of the financial data of the month of September. Representatives from the group have stated that the changes were “implemented in order to address the changing sales landscape as well […]