DayZ_Steam 27 Nov

Bohemia Interactive has outlined the development schedule for DayZ and confirmed gradual price increases from now until the game’s final release. DayZ will move into beta in Q4 2015 and will cost $43.99 up from its current price of $29.99. The final game which is confirmed for the first half of 2016 will cost $49.99. […]

arma-3 15 Sep

We’re disappointed with that steep price tag considering the package isn’t complete, and it’s hard to see past the terrible frame stability in multiplayer. Though on single player missions, the game looks gorgeous. But if games like Call of Duty and Battlefield simply don’t do it for you anymore, you may want to give ARMA 3 a try, but it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to wait for a sale, or a permanent price drop.