07 Mar

Dave Perry announced, during last week’s Game Developers Conference, that the cloud-streaming game service Gaikai has gone live to public beta. The service has debuted with five PC demos for Dead Space 2, Spore, Mass Effect 2, The Sims 3, and Linden Labs’ Second Life. The network claims to be “the fastest interactive proximity network […]

07 Mar

As part of Another World/Out of World‘s post-mortem last week at the Game Developers Conference, Eric Chahi, the game’s maker, announced a new platform for the classic retro title. Developed by DotEmu and published by BulkyPix (both companies working out of France), a new version of the roto-scoped adventure game will make its way to […]

05 Mar

Over this week’s Game Developers Conference, Valve debuted a new addition to their Steam digital distribution platform. “Big Picture Mode” will allow users to display and play with their Steam catalog on more screens throughout the house, from tiny portable TV boxes to big screen living room sets. The feature will allow the formerly mouse/keyboard-exclusive […]

24 Jan

The 2011 Game Choice Awards have chosen to honor Lionhead Studios founder Peter Molyneux with this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The ceremony, to be broadcast on Gamespot live at 6:30pm this March 2nd as part of the larger Game Developers Conference, will be emceed by returning host Tim Schafer. The award, according to the organizers […]