17 Apr

California GameStops will now be required to include warning labels on used copies of games featuring paid Day-1 DLC and/or Online Passes. A class action lawsuit brought against the retail chain by law firm Baron and Budd claimed GameStop mislead customers with their discounted merchandise, a move which enabled them to profit in the vein […]

09 Feb

EA has sent out the first details on the Mass Effect 3 mobile release – dubbed Mass Effect: Infiltrator. Originally unveiled in a release statement from EA regarding the Bioware RPG, the game is a third-person shooter focused on missions where you rescue hostages from Cerberus and uncover evidence of the pro-human organization’s many crimes. […]

01 Dec

UPDATE: Sony has issued their own cost report for the Vita memory cards, which corrects Gamestop’s previous listing for the 8gb and 16gb models. The former will cost $25, and the latter $40. All other memory cards were listed correctly. A couple of major stories concerning Sony’s upcoming Playstation Vita handheld have hit the newsstands […]

13 Sep

Starting next year, GameStop is going to go more into the hardware business, offering its own certified gaming-centric tablet. Rather than manufacturing a separate model for themsevles, GameStop is going to select one of the 300 third-party Android-run devices already on market to certify and add both pre-loaded software and streaming console services onto – […]