27 May

May 27, 2009

What began as a rumor became an actuality when a representative for Take Two Interactive today confirmed the official launch date for the upcoming underwater shooter, Bioshock 2. Sequel to one of the most critically lauded games ever produced, the title will be released to retail in the States on November 3, while those in the European and PAL territories get a head start in Rapture starting on October 30. No platforms have been officially announced, but both the PC and Xbox 360 are guaranteed, with a PS3 version to also be available at launch or, at the very least, come later on down the road.

The sequel returns the player to the submarine ode to Ayn Rand known as Rapture, taking place after the inital fall of the city and the mutation of its inhabitants. This time around, the player is taken into the diving suit of the first ‘Big Daddy’ prototype, able to guide around little sisters to have them collect ADAM energy from fallen civilians. Despite your adeptness at both plasmid and general combat, a worthy adversary lurks in the depths in the form of the ‘Big Sister’ another mechanized humanoid with greater speed and a much more wicked mind.