28 May

28th of May, 2009

Dead Space: Extraction, the upcoming railshooter for the Nintendo Wii will be released on 29th of September of this year in the United States, the United Kingdom (and most likely the rest of the world as well) will have to wait a few more days, for it will be available on the 2nd of October in those areas.

The action will take place on the same ship as in the first Dead Space game, which was released on the PC, PS3 and X360 during the fall of 2008. However, the events will be set to occur before those of the previous game and that of the animated movie. While the player will not have direct control over the protagonist ‘Nathan McNeil’, he or she will fire at enemies while they approach the character, interact with the environment and at some points choose a path for Nathan to continue on.

Currently still in development by Visceral Games and EuroCom, the game is expected to be heavilly featured during the upcoming E3, as it is one of the few ‘hardcore’ games currently expected for Nintendo’s console. The gameplay demo, set for presentation at the Los Angeles tradeshow next week, has been made available to IGN, and can be viewed on their website.

The 18 minutes of in-game footage show the cooperative play, in which the first level of the game is showcased. Gameplay elements visible in the video include an option to look around freely at some points, a rather high diversity of weapons and a moment in which one of the players solves a small puzzle while the other player fends off incomming aliens. The most striking of the whole video, are the impressive visuals and the horror-like atmosphere that is being created by the developers.

The gameplay footage can be viewed here.

Dead Space: Extraction will only be available on the Nintendo Wii, although another game in the Dead Space franchise is currently in development, and will be a sequel to the PC, PS3 and X360 game.