27 May

Cergy-Pontoise, France – 25, May, 2009

Namco Bandai Games Europe S.A.S. continues their series of forthcoming games based on the popular action-anime “Dragon Ball,” with the announcement of Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo, a brawler exclusive to the Nintendo Wii, set to release this autumn in PAL and European territories. The game will be the first in the “Dragon Ball”-based title on the system to be in full 3D, and pit players as Kid Goku as he goes about his adventures with his friends. The original japanese music and voice-over will be present, and the development staff have been quoted as saying that faithfully replicating the original character artwork by Akira Toriyama was a stalwart goal for the game’s art design. Story mode will take players across several “sagas” of the anime’s storyline, with the ability to replay completed stages, and a VS mode where players can take the characters they have unlocked so far into battle.