27 May

May 27, 2009

The Family Gamer Association, in their yearly assessment of the industry and its relation to the family, has announced the winners of this year’s FGA pick for several familal demographics: including Infants, Juniors, Students, Workers, Parents and Seniors. All titles receive the appreciation and approval of this industry-think tank, and are all now eligible to be voted on by members for the overall FGA Game of the Year later on.

Spring 09 Infant Award http://www.familygamer.co.uk/familyguide_ds_diegodinosaur.htm
Go Go Diego: Dinosaur Adventure Wii – The sensible design combined with the engaging levels and children’s voice work all combine to make this another excellent game for infant gamers from the Dora and Diego team.

Spring 09 Junior Award http://www.familygamer.co.uk/family_wii_worldofgoo.htm
World of Goo Wii – The ingeniously simple premise of building with living blobs of goo, combine with the fiendish level design and excellent story telling to make this a truly magical experience for Junior gamers in particular.

Spring 09 Student Award http://www.familygamer.co.uk/family_ds_peggle.htm
Peggle Dual Shot DS – Peggle manages to escape from being a simple random affair of firing balls at pegs and creates a game that is as skilful and in depth as any puzzle game on the DS. Once you are hooked this will keep to locked in of hours. Ideal to entertain between (or during) lectures.

Spring 09 Worker Award http://www.familygamer.co.uk/family_360_streetfighteriv.htm
Street Fighter IV PS3/360 – Street Fighter is the game that started the fighting genre. And here in a return to old style game play married with state of the art hand drawn visuals we find a game so engaging and beautiful we played until our hands hurt. Perfect for easing those aches and pains after a long day at work.

Spring 09 Parent Award http://www.familygamer.co.uk/familylist_360_fable2.htm
Fable 2 360 – We may be a little late to the Fable party but with Know Hole Island and See the Future expending the experience we have been captivated by just how meaningful a game this is. Never before has a videogame created such a sense of consequence to each and every choice. Proper ethically engaged gaming fun.

Spring 09 Senior Award http://www.familygamer.co.uk/family_ps3_flower.htm
Flower PS3 – The marvelous premise of controlling a game just by tilting sets the laid back tone for Flower. What’s more of a surprise is how ephemeral and spine tingling it is to float on the wind through gorgeous landscapes, and on through the game’s pictorially told story.