20 May

Los Angeles, May 19, 2009

Video game accessory manufacturer Nyko Technologies announced today that their highly anticipated “Wand” controller for the Nintendo Wii has reached store shelves and is now available. Containing all the basic motion-control technology of the regular wii-mote, Nyko’s latest model hopes to give a more comfortable feel and smoother action to the controller design. The “Wand” contains the company’s new “Trans-Port” technology, which enables vibration feedback from in-game actions to be electronically replicated on all compatible attachments, which should improve input accuracy. Enlarged ‘1’ and ‘2’ buttons, as well as an ergonomic finger-hold grooves, should also aid in the gameplay experience, making the controller easier and more comfortable to hold and swing. The “Wand” retails for $35.

“Recognized as Best of CES 2009 in the Gaming category, the Wand offers all-new features and accessories that improve the way players experience games on Wii,” said Chris Arbogast, Director of Marketing, Nyko Technologies. “Gamers can also look forward to two new Wand-compatible accessories next month that are just the beginning of the innovative ways Trans-Port technology will be used in the future.”