21 May

Bellevue, US – 21 of May, 2009

Today Valve announced that in an attempt to promote the upcoming ‘Sniper vs. Spy’ update for the online shooter Team Fortress 2, the game would be free to play for the remainder of the holiday weekend. The game can be played exclusively through Steam, which is a Valve’s digital distribution platform for PC games.

Normally, Team Fortress 2 costs 19.99 in both Euro and Dollars to purchase.

Despite the fact that the game has been on the market for a considerable time, it still receives regular updates and extra content. Also, the developers are still in the process of updating each of the 9 playable classes based on user-feedback.

The cartoon-styled shooter, which was released in October 2007, is highly successful on the PC, and has also been ported to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, where it was part of the Half-Life 2 collection The Orange Box, which also included the aforementioned Half-Life 2, both of its downloadable chapters, and the puzzle-game Portal. On the consoles, Team Fortress 2 generally received less spectacular reviews than its PC counterpart and also has a much smaller community. The game will only be free to play on the PC this weekend, and not on the consoles.