30 May

Santa Monica, US – 29th of May, 2009

More than 17 years after being released to the general public, 1992’s Wolfenstein 3D will finally be making it’s way onto next generation consoles by June 3rd for the Xbox 360 and June 4th for the Playstation 3. The release was confirmed by Activision Publishing and iD software, the latter being the original developer of the game. While a price level has not yet been announced, it is known that the game will include all 60 levels originally included in the game.

Playing the game will allow the user to acquire gold, which can then be spent on customizable weapon upgrades to be used in the upcoming new Wolfenstein title for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. This game is expected on August 4th this year, and is also being developed by iD software.

The classic from 1992 was arguably one of the first and most prominent controversial games ever released, as it featured gore, Nazis, Swastikas, killer dogs and even Hitler himself. The main theme of the game was actually the anthem of the Nazi policital party. Even several levels were designed exclusively based on the Nazi symbol, the Swastika. The game was banned in Germany, where depiction of Nazi’s or their symbols is forbidden in videogames, and severly restricted in other media. The version ported to Nintendo’s SNES was also¬†heavilly censored, having removed the Nazi symbolism, Hitler as the final boss and having replaced the blood with sweat, and the killer dogs with giant rats.

It is currently not known whether the versions beign released in June will have any form of censorship applied.