24 Jun

Korean MMO-Publisher / Developer NCSoft announced today that their upcoming and highly anticipated MMO Aion will be release in Western territories in September this year. Specifically, the game will be released on September 22nd in North America and will released in Europe soon afterwards, on September 25th. The game was released in Korea in November 2008 and China earlier this year.

At the launch date, the game will be available at retailers and as a digital download through the NCSoft website. The game will also be made available through Valve’s content distribution platform Steam.

Several Beta events have already taken place over the past few weeks in the United States, in an attempt to promote the game. Players who have preordered the game, will gain access to any remaining Beta Events that will take place. Currently, 4 Beta Events are scheduled during weekends in July and August.

Aion prides itself on the high paced combat, and the integration of advanced customization options for both characters and their equipment. Following the game’s release, Aion quickly became one of the most popular MMO’s in Asia.

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