10 Jun

Shadow Tor studios, makers of the action-horror PC title Barrow Hill, recently announced the production of their second PC title, Bracken Tor: the Time of Tooth and Claw. In addition to the game’s production, the studio also launched the coinciding website for the game, featuring screenshots and details on the real-life inspirations for the title. The website can be viewed here.

“More and more hikers, park rangers and explorers are seeing unexplainable creatures, in the landscape. No-one knows where they come from, why they are here and where they go. For unlike sightings of big cats, and others carnivores, the lesser known moorland beasts seem to vanish, into thin air, after they have been sighted” says game author, Matt Clark, “I’ve often found wild animals, ripped to ribbons, in the forests of Cornwall, and seen inexplicable scratch marks on standing stones and other ancient monuments.
Bracken Tor will explore several possible theories behind the strange occurrences”.

…moorland beasts seem to vanish, into thin air…

About the game:

• Explore the desolate moorland, searching for evidence.
• Travel back in time, to The Bronze Age, to learn its secrets.
• A complete interactive world; brought to life on your PC.
• Environmental sounds and weather to heighten the experience.
• An unnerving and eerie soundtrack, to chill the blood.
• Experience virtual archaeology, and uncover the past.
• Survive beast attacks using items close at hand. Defend yourself!
• Glean clues from newspaper articles and local radio broadcasts.
• Solve a bloody murder through investigation and detection.