25 Jun

Square Enix, developer and published of the MMO Final Fantasy XI has been brought to court last Tuesday in a class-action filed with a Californian court. The case focuses on supposed “deceptive advertising, unfair and undisclosed business practices, and concealment” by Square Enix of America with regard to the monthly fees for their popular MMO.

Specific complaints include undisclosed charges for late payment of fees, as well as charges for suspended accounts.  Though a precise claim is unclear at this point, the court filing states that it will exceed 5 million USD.

Square Enix has not officially responded to the allegations. Seeing as the stated claim is a class action suit ¬†that represents all players of the game in the United States that might have been affected by Square Enix’ practices, it is likely that we will continue to hear more of this court battle in the future.