08 Jun

Tale of Tales has announced new content for their PC psychological horror game, The Path, only three months after its initial release. The Path – The Prologue functions as both trial edition for the full game, and as a stand alone expansion pack for those that purchased the full title. Its available and free to download for both Mac and PC at http://Tale-of-Tales.com/ThePath/downloads.html.

The game follows an adaptation of the classic fable, Little Red Riding Hood, starring six sisters (The Red Girls) as they are charged with making their way to their grandmother’s house through the foreboding woods. The game explicitly orders you to stay on the path, which will indeed lead straight to grandmother’s house, but will also fail the game. Players are encouraged to ignore what they see and instead travel the woods, looking out for the villainous wolf and, occasionally, the ethereal and helpful Girl in White. In The Prologue, the player actually takes on the role of the Girl in White, forced to traverse the woods in search of the Red Girls.

“People who have already finished The Path will recognize some aspects of the Prologue,” admit designers Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn. “It is similar to a certain part of the game. But not the same. A prologue should show what happened before the events in the story. But in this case, it may seem like it’s showing things that happened after. A mystery that will make more sense after playing the full game.