28 Jul

Rockville, MD – As of today, the ‘All Fronts’ map pack for Gears of War 2 is available for download on Xbox Live. Another episode of DLC was released simultaneously, called ‘Dark Corners’. ‘All Fronts’ will serve as a collection of all previously released map packs and include the new ‘Dark Corners’ pack as well. The pack will include a total of 19 maps, twelve of which were included in the earlier map packs ‘Flashback’, ‘Combustible’ and ‘Snowblind’. The final seven maps included in ‘All Fronts’ are from the ‘Dark Corners’ map pack.

Both ‘All Fronts’ and ‘Dark Corners’ include a new campaign chapter called ‘Road to Ruin’, which incorporates a new stealth aspect into the game. ‘All Fronts’ will sell at a price of 1600 Microsoft points, which is roughly 20 USD. ‘Dark Corners’ is available on Xbox Live for 1200 MS points, $15.

2 thoughts on “DLC Collection for ‘Gears of War 2’ Available”

  1. I kind of like when this happens. The Way GeoW and KZ2 is doing it is great… for the people that haven’t bought the DLC yet, this is just added incentive.

    However, then you get the was Star Wars Force Unleashed is doing it, where the Complete Pack comes with an exclusive level… that is bullshit. They are completely screwing over the devoted fans that bought the DLC right when they came out, but they will have to buy all of it again if they want the added mission (you get to fight Luke Skywalker on Hoth).

  2. I like how GeoW2 and KZ2 are coming out with these packs…

    but then you get SW: Force Unleashed to screw over all of their dedicated fans by releasing an exclusive level with the Complete Sith Pack.

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