27 Jul

San Diego, CA – With the San Diego ‘Comic Con’ now a day behind us, news has surfaced that EA is working on a live-action film based on the Dead Space franchise. In 2008 an animated feature based on the game was released, which functioned as a prequel to the story laid out during Dead Space itself. Though a studio willing to support the project has not been found yet, this is already the fifth movie project EA is currently working on. The other four games currently known to be receiving the ‘movie treatment’ include¬†Army of Two, Dante’s Inferno, Mass Effect and¬†The Sims.

The new movie will be entirely live-action, though a script for the film is not yet in place. Director Daniel John Caruso has been attached to the project. Caruso is known for directing tv-series and films such as ‘Eagle Eye’ (2008), ‘Disturbia’ (2007) and ‘Taking Lives’ (2004).

The scifi/horror game was released in late 2008, and received excellent reviews. The EA-owned studio of Visceral Games is currently working on a sequel to the game and has also planned a third instalment in the series.

4 thoughts on “New ‘Dead Space’ Movie Announced”

  1. I knew it was gonna happen since last year since Glen Schofield Was talking about there being a movie adaptation, it would work perfectly since there is a lot of room to have a movie in the Dead Space Universe, a lot of room.

  2. I think this could be cool, Dead Space has an excellent story behind it, and they could definitly take it to new places (ie the marker on Earth).

  3. Wow. I hadn’t heard about the Mass Effect movie before. I guarantee every single one of them will be canceled, at least I hope they will.

  4. Actually, I think all games they are currently working on would lend themselves perfectly for a movie based on their universe. Except The Sims that is… I don’t really see how that is gonna work out. Making movies about stories already told in a videogame is kind of a no-no, but as backstories that support the universe as a whole, I think it has serious potential.

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