15 Jul

Electronic Arts was proud to announce that they recently passed the one million user count for their free to download, free to play online shooter, Battlefield Heroes. Like many games of its type, Heroes has proven a successful model for the free-play business model, providing the company and sponsors with revenue gained from in-game advertising and micro transactions. Having gone live only last month, the game quickly hit a respectable stride, in its highest period adding tens of thousands of new recruits daily.

The game is the latest in the admired Battlefield franchise, sporting deep character customization and an engrossing mission system that pits players against each other in a sandbox style of internet warfare. Its colorful, cartoon style offers a drastic and welcome departure from the gun metal grays and browns associated with the genre, providing an often humorous outlook on the dramatics of war. Interested gamers can easily download the title from it’s respective website.

“The team is really proud to have hit 1 million registrations at this early stage,” said Ben Cousins, General Manager, Battlefield Heroes Team. “Creating a character and gameplay experience that is totally yours is what sets this game apart – your hero can be anything from a bazooka-toting pirate, a grenade-throwing ninja or even a mime assassin!”

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