22 Jul

The earlier concerns about a new Activision job listing (in line with a new studio and unnamed project) seemed to have been vindicated, with the departure of two Electronic Arts heads leaving the company for their rival corporation. Visceral Games general manager (and executive producer on last year’s Dead Space) Glenn Schofield and CEO Michael Condrey have both made the switch to the new Activision studio, later reports clarifying the studio’s current lead projects (epic-poetry based action title Dante’s Inferno and wii-exclusive rail shooter Dead Space: Extraction) will remain unchanged in the transistion.

“It takes a team of talented people to make a highly-rated game like Dead Space. The teams at Visceral are currently working on Dante’s InfernoDead Space Extraction and new titles that will be announced at a later date.”  A spokesperson for EA had stated, “Production is uninterrupted on Dante’s Inferno and Dead Space Extraction. SVP Nick Earl continues to lead the Visceral Games Studio.”