24 Aug

Following an immense backlash from their ‘fanbase’ after announcing that both of Blizzard Entertainment’s upcoming titles Diablo III and Starcraft 2 would not have a LAN-multiplayer options, Blizzard is apparently working on a compromise to enable LAN-gameplay while still maintaining a Battle.net connection.

Greg Canessa, developer of the Battle.net system, stated that they are currently working on an option that would allow players to create a low latency / high bandwith peer-to-peer connection to other players in their vicinity, but that a Battle.net connection would also be required to make this happen. Whether a continuous connection to Battle.net would have to be maintained during the gameplay is not determined yet.

Currently, almost 125.000 gamers have signed the online petition to ask Blizzard to include a regular LAN option for multiplayer in Starcraft 2. Recently, Blizzard stated that they would definitly not include this option in any of their future games, but that they regard the ‘LAN Multiplayer era’ as one of the major chapters in gaming historty.

4 thoughts on “Blizzard to Include LAN-Compromise in “Diablo III” and “Starcraft 2””

  1. Battlenet.com seems to be the ideal choice for multi-player these days, as I haven’t played a LAN game since Pax Imperia in 1999 with my brother.

  2. I used LAN all the time first year at college–roommate and another friend would spend hours in the room hooked up via LAN and we’d usually play 4 to 6 hours straight.

  3. I still LAN all of the time! What about LAN gaming centers?? Blizzard just doesn’t want to lose their grip on the power they have over multiplayer options. Gaming history? psh

    lol why is fanbase in ”? :) Well alright.. it’s more of an army of occultists

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