26 Aug

Los Angeles, CA – After having received a sub-title recently, EA Los Angeles has released a ton of new information for the closing piece of the Command & Conquer series based in the “Tiberium”-Universe. Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight, as the game is officially known, is set for a release somewhere in 2010 and unlike previous Command & Conquer games, is currently only set for a release on the PC.

The game will be set in 2082, almost ninety years after the series started in 1995 with the initial Command & Conquer that is nowadays known as Tiberian Dawn. Together with the help of the Brotherhood of Nod’s leader, Kane, the GDI has managed to bring the Tiberium crystal under control and has revitalized much of the planet that was rendered uninhabitable by “the green crystal”. However, 15 years after the cooperation between the GDI and Nod was initiated, rumors begin to surface regarding Kane’s actual, more sinister, reasons for siding with his enemies.

EA promises a multitude of new gameplay modes, such as 5 vs. 5 objective-based multiplayer matches and new forms of cooperative play. Also, each of the two factions in the game, GDI and the Brotherhood of Nod, will now have three different classes: offensive, defense and a support class. Each class will contain unique units and powers and will allow for more varied playstyles than previous Command & Conquer games.

Additionally, the game will feature a persistent player-progression system, in which players are awarded experience for each unit destroyed during matches, as well as other objectives. These experience points will then count towards level-ups. By gaining levels, players can then acquire new units, upgrades and abilities. Also, for the first time players will now have mobile bases that can contain units. From these mobile bases, units, structures, upgrades and powers can be constructed.

As with previous games, Kane will once more be played by Joseph D. Kucan.