21 Aug

Cologne, Germany – During their official press event at this year’s GamesCom, Namco Bandai announced their drafting of two influential gaming companies, to gain official publishing rights of several future projects under wraps at the respective studios. First is Ninja Theory, developers of the high-octane action title Heavenly Sword for the PS3, and now an unknown and undetailed new IP under works and wraps within  internal development, but is set for a PS3 and Xbox 360 release in 2010.

“Ninja Theory’s first title exemplified their incredible talent and ability to deliver a high-quality, cinematic and captivating gameplay experience,” said Makoto Iwai, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Namco Bandai Games America. “With producers from our North American office working closely with such a strong European development studio, we will be able to create a blockbuster title with strong pan-Western sensibilities and appeal for a global gaming audience.”

“This new project pushes our core strengths of rich story-telling, cutting-edge technology and exciting gameplay beyond anything we have created before,” said Nina Kristensen, co-founder and chief development ninja, Ninja Theory. “The support of Namco Bandai combined with the skills and talent we have nurtured over the years means that players are going to be in for a truly deep and memorable experience.”

The second company now under Namco Bandai’s wing is Game Republic, makers of both the Folklore and the Genji series. The latter studio has been drafted into development a title for the upcoming remake of Clash of the Titans and a PS3/360-bound action title known as Maijin: the Fallen Angel.