19 Aug

Cologne, Germany – Starting off the joint press conference for Microsoft and Lionhead Studios, Peter Molyneux discussed “a little bit of an announcement about Fable II.” Turns out the epic RPG will know be receiving an episodic release, breaking the game up into five distinct, shorter chapters for discounted purchase. The first chapter of content, to be made available for free, will launch on September 29th, the release schedule for the rest of the chapters yet to be determined. No details on how/where the game will be broken up forĀ  release, but players will have the option to purchase the game in 4 individual payments, or purchase the rest of the full game in one lump purchase after completing the complimentary first chapter. All portions of this release will be compatible with both chapters of the Fable II downloadable content (Knothole Island and See the Future.)

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