24 Aug

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is looking like he’s taking over the role of director from Gore Verbinski on the film version of 2K’s critically beloved shooter, Bioshock. Fresnadillo, who made his name with 28 Weeks Later, is reported to be in talks with Universal Pictures who owns the rights to the movie adaptation of the hit 2007 game. Despite this Verbinski’s staying on as the producer of the project, he gave up his director seat because he “couldn’t commit to and overseas shoot.” Fresnadillo was no doubt chosen for many reasons, but one of which was apparently the “thumbs up” from Take Two.


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One thought on “New Bioshock movie Director!”

  1. Ney!! This storyline is much deeper than just another game-movie adaptation with poor character development and big guns. Fresnadillo really did not do the second ‘Days Later’ justice. Andrew Macdonald did a great job directing the first movie, maybe Bioshock deserves a more independent angle? I don’t want to see half of these sets computer generated, they would be much more dramatic if they were constructed.

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