26 Aug

Bungie commented last month that the recently announced Halo: Reach, in addition to the upcoming stand-alone Halo 3 expansion, OSDT, “is probably all you’re going to get.” However, in an interview with Videogamer, Brian Jarrad appears to have retracted the company’s strong sentiment on the subject, painting a different picture of the relationship between the company and product then what senior designer Lars Bakken went on record with last month.

Jarrad is quoted as saying, “The clarification is we just don’t know at this point. I’m not really able to speculate on what we’re going to do after Reach. I wouldn’t confirm or deny at this point. We’re really excited to get Reach out the door. Beyond that, we’re not at liberty to say right now what’s next. I think there’s a lot of work just to get Reach done between now and next fall. At that point anything’s possible. We’re going to keep looking at making the games we want to make. Maybe that’s Halo. Maybe it’s not. We’ll have to wait and see.”

Will this mean another Halo game down the pipe? Regardless of probably, it’s clear that the franchise’s father developer isn’t closing any doors anytime soon.

4 thoughts on ““Reach” Not Bungie’s Last “Halo”?”

  1. Well, I say that Bungie should do some other games, they have done it in the past, let Halo be shelved for a few years and work on something else.

  2. I really hope this isn’t the end of the franchise.. They still have so many options as story lines go. The novels alone could spawn an entire pack of games of the year. With their other games.. Oni was alright, didn’t even come close to utilizing everything the PS2 had to offer. Rumors of another Marathon expansion have been around, but it holds little substance.

    What about the entire Blue Team? Or the first batch of Spartan children from Onyx? They still have too much to do

  3. I’m fine with infinite Halos, as long as the future releases don’t have a trace of the damn flood, god I hate those things.

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