18 Aug

Popular retailer chain Kmart supposedly ran an ad on their website earlier today promoting a ‘new low price & a new exciting Playstation 3’. The ad also contained the phrase ‘the rumors are reality’.

Though the ad is no longer shown on the Kmart website, it has been confirmed that the advertisement was in fact real and that Kmart is actually hosting the image. The image can be found here, and is marked with today’s date.

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In anticipation of GamesCom, which starts tomorrow in Cologne (Germany), Sony is scheduled to give a press conference today at 12:30 PM EST, or 18:30 locally.

Update: A product has gone live on the KMart website, allowing customers to pre-order the new PS3 Slim. Though not announced officially, rumors regarding the new PS3 version have been surfacing consistently for the past few weeks. The offer can be found here. The description of the product is as follows:

“PS3, SLIM High-Definition Blu-ray player for the best movie experience. Free PLAYSTATION Network membership. 120GB HDD for downloading games, music, videos, and photos. Includes DUAL SHOCK 3 controller. HDMI output for 1080p resolution.”

This is the second time within a year that Sony has had one of their major headlines leaked just before a major tradeshow. Last June, news surrounding the announcement of the PSP Go! were leaked shortly before their press conference at E3.

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  1. So the Slim isn’t real then? I noticed the picture shows 2 controllers, that’s pretty neat… I mean if any games actually allowed you to play splitscreen nowadays 😛

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