28 Sep

Hardware PSPGo Banner

With mere days remaining before the PSP Go becomes available at retailers, Sony has told IGN that around 16,000 different pieces of downloadable content will be available at launch day. Additionally, Sony stated that game cards, which contain a unique code that enables the user to download a specific item from Playstation Network, would be made available at retailers. Recently, several European retailers stated they refused to sell the PSP Go, because it would undermine the sale of UMD-based games at their stores. For more information regarding the content available on PSN for the PSP Go, please take the jump.

The vast majority of the 16,000 items on PSN are episodes from popular television series. In total, there are 13,300 of these episodes available for purchase and download through PSN. Additionally, 2,300 full-length feature movies are available through the medium. With respect to games, Sony has stated that at the time of release, October 1st, 225 games will be available for download. Notable games available through download include Gran Turismo, God of War: Chains of Olympus and Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.