23 Sep


Both MTV and Microsoft were proud to announce that the profilic Beatles track “All You Need is Love” is the fastest selling digital download track in Rock Band history. Within just two days of availability, the song has emerged as an amazingly lucrative means of fundraising for Doctors Without Frontiers/Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), a charity to which 112/200 Microsoft Points ($1.40/$2.00) of each purchased song are donated. Gamers that purchased the track are also entered into a contest to win a limited Beatles edition Xbox 360 and a replica Rickenbacker 250 guitar controller. Interested players can still purchase the track and have their money donated to the charity.

“We are thrilled over the contributions to us so far from downloads of ‘All You Need Is Love,’ and from the auction of the beautiful, one-of-a-kind Xbox console,” said Dr. Matt Spitzer, president of the board of directors of Doctors Without Borders. “We are incredibly grateful for having been selected as the beneficiary of this promotion. Funds generated from initiatives such as this can go a long way.  Severely malnourished children will be treated, people displaced by war will receive life-saving medical care, and people living with HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and other neglected diseases will have access to the medicines they need. On behalf of our patients, Doctors Without Borders says ‘Thank You.’”