02 Sep

The oft-rumored sequel to now defunct Clover Studios folkloric action title Okami have been confirmed. Japanese gaming culture magazine Famitsu confirmed the sequel’s existence, and that we will be getting more details on the title the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. Titled Okamiden: Chiisaki Taiyo, it’s expected for a Winter release for Japanese DS retail, with no word on any Western release as of yet. While the studio behind the game’s original release on the PS2 has gone under, the portable installment will have a bevy of sought-after talent behind it. Veteran of the Ace Attorney productions Motohide Eshiro will be on hand to lead development, with Dino Crisis collaborator Kuniomi Matsushita also on board (he also co-directed the Wii port of the original Okami.)

“Around December last year, Matsushita came up to me and talked about making a new Okami that could be enjoyed in portable format,” said Eshiro. “He’s very passionate about the game, and he already had a test version created by that time that was extremely high quality, fully capturing Okami‘s unique visuals. Seeing that, I thought we were safe to make it an official project.”

When asked about making Okami a DS game, Matsushita responded, “As you know, Okami‘s visuals and game system are extremely unique. The original idea was to take what makes this game special and expose it to more people. That was why we chose the Nintendo DS — being on a portable system will allow people to easily pick up and play it, and you can also use the touch pen as a brush.”

Players will not be returning to the role of the wolf god Amaterasu but the smaller (and likely cutier) Chibiterasu in a sequel to the original game’s plot where demons have once again taken over the idyllic mortal world. The Celestial Brush mechanic will return (and likely gain new lease with stylus controls), but puzzle-solving and combat are said to be receiving gameplay overhauls for the new installment.

“[Chibiterasu] will remain a secret for now,” said Eshiro. “but it’s true that he’s a young form of existence, not fully grown. He can use the brush and attack with the imperial regalia, but he doesn’t have Amaterasu’s raw power, which will be reflected both in the story and gameplay.” “The basic theme of returning life and nature to the world is the same as in Okami,”  Eshiro continued. “What’s different is that the relationship with your partners will be given just as much weight storywise. The themes are the same, but the nuances are different.”

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  1. This is easily the happiest news I’ve read in quite sometime. I hope that the lack of Clover studios behind development doesn’t spell out misfortune for this sequel. I’ll have my fingers crossed.

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