03 Sep


Written by Nate Yungkans


WspacerImagespacerImagespacerImage elcome to the new Elder-Geek.com! As you can see the site has undergone some changes, and it will continue to change as we add features. For a long time I have wanted to create an “online magazine” instead of just a website and now I have the opportunity to work with the Elder-Geek staff to spacerImageaccomplish this goal. The majority of sites out there spacerImageare pretty much the same; text with a box image in between paragraphs. Occasionally maybe an image has a box text rap around it. This is of course due to the limitation of the web technology, internet bandwidth, and ease of use for content managers, but I’ve grown tired of this standard method of web article layout. At the moment, it is very impractical and time consuming to attempt text wraps around non-square images, but sites have gotten so boring I feel that I must try. I have always enjoyed magazine layouts as they tend to be just as pleasing to the eye as they are enjoyable to read. Why can’t a website be more like a magazine layout? With the widening spread of broadband internet and progressing browser technology, perhaps it can. It will simply take more effort to design and layout the site, much like a print magazine would be laid out.

The Experiment

There will still be the standard style of articles as it is just not practical to create a custom layout for everything but we are going to attempt to give special features, special treatment. I am taking the gamble that people will adjust their web reading habits a bit so that they will read through articles more like a print page, allowing their eyes to move around the site. We’re also using the homepage as a “cover” like a magazine. Yes I am aware that the reason magazines have large titles at the top is to grab the attention of customers who are looking at a shelf of books, but I believe a website should be able to have a cool cover as well.

I’m calling this “the online magazine experiment” since I’m not entirely sure it will work, but I am intent on exploring the possibilities. Things may be a little wonky on the site for a bit as we get the new template up and running so bear with us. As the staff and I discover what works and what does not we’ll be making adjustments to the site, so please leave feedback and let us know if you like the new approach.

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