07 Sep

paul-mccartneyPaul McCartney revealed in a recent remark that he has not actually played The Beatles: Rockband. Mr. McCartney was quoted as saying:

“I haven’t, actually [played it]. I’m kind of, you know, looking forward to playing it. My excuse is, I play guitar. I was on the real record. So the idea of pushing buttons and things in time is kind of slightly intriguing for me, but it’s actually more interesting to do a show like this…[gestures towards crowd at concert].

This brings an interesting and unprecedented paradox about whether this makes the game less authentic due to the lack of involvement by the individuals its modeled after, or making it more authentic because of the stars lack of need to emulate themselves. Interesting…

3 thoughts on “Paul McCartney Hasn’t Played “The Beatles: Rockband””

  1. Yeah no surprising at all, then again it shouldn’t really matter, it’s not like he’s designing the game. Hey Briz by the way, nice to see you here!

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