26 Sep


Although we have gotten quite a bit of information about the upcoming Motion Controller by Sony, like an unloved child it remains nameless still. When asked about the name Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Head Shuhei Yoshida said:

“There are several candidates for the name of the controller. The SIXAXIS and the DualShock 3 — while great product names — are based on the actual tech,” Yoshida explained. “The name we pick for the Wand Controller maybe won’t be so techy.”

He then went on to further explain that Sony needs a name that appeals to both hardcore and casual gamers, also citing that hardcore gamers find the controller “Surprisingly Responsive”

So we ask you Elder-Geeks, what should the PS3 motion controller be called? here are a list of options:

1) PS3Mote

2) Magic Wand

3) Gyrowand

4) E.T. Finger

5) Rodolph’s Portable Nose…but seriously lets here your suggestions?

10 thoughts on “PS3 Motion Controller Still Nameless. Ideas?”

  1. Seeing as you’ll need two as far as I know, lets call them the iBalls! The lower-case i because that seems to be the cool thing to do these days or could also stand for “interaction”, balls because… well… we all love balls. iBalls together makes for “hip” spelling of eyeballs, which then refers to the fact that there are two 😉

    1. You won’t NEED two of them, you can however use two.

      I say we just call it The Wand, I really don’t see the down side, packadge it with a Harry Potter game and it’ll sell like crazy.

  2. The bingo marker. Not only does it look like one to me, but it would be a great name for advertising to all them 50+ year olds. Maybe they could bundle the system with a motion controlled bingo simulator?

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