08 Sep


After a one week launch of the PS3 slim in the UK last Tuesday, Sony’s redesign has outsold Xbox 360, Wii and DS lite by 3:1. A sales tracking firm states that, “The longevity of this uplift very much depends on the time of year. The PS2 Slim was released in November, much closer to Christmas. We’ll have to wait and see how things work out for Sony this time.” By comparison, the past slim model (PS2 slim) sold 310% over its competition on its first week, outperforming the PS3 sales by 21%.

At the home front, 152,530 PS3s were sold last week in Japan, a 7,350% increase from 2,000 units the week prior. This accounts for the highest number of ps3 systems sold in Japan since (and surpassing)  its launch, which totaled 88,000 units.

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