25 Sep

Hardware PSPGo BannerFollowing the news that European PSP owners with UMD-based games would receive three free downloadable games if they upgrade to the new PSP Go, Sony has announced that the company will not offer a UMD conversion program for users with a previous-generation PSP. More information about the statement can be found after the break.

Due to legal and technical difficulties that such a program would entail, unnamed Sony officials have stated that the company will not be offering a UMD-to-download conversion system. Earlier this year at the E3 in Los Angeles, Sony stated that they hoped to have such a system in place by the time the new handheld is released, which is now less than a week away.

Sony also stated they are currently looking into options that will compensate owners of a previous-generation PSP, though currently only the aforementioned European program has been confirmed.

PSP games will continue to be released on UMD discs for previous generation PSPs, and will also be available as digital download for the UMD-less PSP Go.

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