14 Sep

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Developer 5th Cell has announced today that it is currently working on a localized version of the highly anticipated Nintendo DS title Scribblenauts for the British market. A significant number of words or objects that differ in meaning across the Atlantic are being changed in the game to prevent confusion amongst European players. More details and examples of the objects being changed can be found after the link.

Words affected include “eggplant”, which is being changed to “aubergine” and a distinction is made between words such as  “binky” and “dummy” and “pants” and “trousers”. Furthermore, words like faucets, popsicles, sidewalks and diapers are changed in the localization. The meaning of the word “football” will also be replaced with what is being reffered to as “soccer” in the United States. 5th Cell has not released information regarding the total number of words being changed.

The localized version will be released October 9th in Europe, while the “normal” version will be released tomorrow, on the 15th of September in the United States.

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  1. So basically, they are changing it to what it should have been in the first place? Proper English.

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