26 Sep


Behemoth, creator of cult favorite Alien Hominid and the masterwork Xbox Live Arcade hit Castle Crashers, has been relatively mum on the details of their third game. Like other highly praised developers, the third game to bear Behemoth’s name has been highly anticipated in most gaming circles. The cryptic title place-holding “Game 3” has been under wraps until this year’s Tokyo Game Show, were a representative of the copy revealed that, like both of their previous games, their most recent effort will be made available through Xbox Live Arcade.

Previously shown only as a multiplayer title, the developers have revealed a story mode that could be played individually offline as well. The demonstration of said new mode happened to follow the game’s villain, a top-hatted psychopath of crazed emotion and kidnapping mentality (the tofu-headed one pictured above,) your duty being to rescue his captives. “Game 3” has not been confirmed to have release on any other platform, but recent activity with Castle Crashers that even if this is the only announced platform now, that may change down the road.