26 Oct


Long the bane of many collector’s existence, Atlus U.S.A. Inc. – or more appropriately, their Western releases – have been infamous in the retail for limited releases and lack of re-releases. Many of the company’s hit titles have been limited enough that a single used copy nets a huge markup, so it’s a good thing that many of the company’s rare library is no making its way to the Playstation Network. The collection on the digital download storefront, loosely termed the Atlus PSP system legacy titles, meant for use specifically with the PSP, will see direct-download releases of Crimson Gem Saga, R Type Command, Hammerin’ Hero, Yggdra Union, Steamboat Chronicles Battle Tournament, and Riviera: The Promised Land.

“We’ve finally reached a point where, according to our physicians, any further laughing at our masterfully executed plan of never making enough copies of our games for everyone poses risks to our health,” admitted Aram Jabbari, Manager of PR and Sales at Atlus. “In order to prevent illness, and because, hey, sometimes you just want to change things up, we’re very pleased to offer PSP system classics via digital download. It may mean that we’ll have to shut down our numerous online auction accounts, as we won’t be able to hoard large quantities of our hard-to-find games and then slowly trickle them out at obscenely high prices anymore, but the end result will be better for everyone.”