08 Oct


Looks like not everyone is happy with the new PSPGo. Tim Magoolaghan, known along the internet as The Jobless Modder, has revamped his own PSP-2000 to contain all that the new handheld has to offer, and more. The biggest change, and the one that will have PSP fans drooling, is the seemingly common sense inclusion of a second analog nub. Though he has forsaken the UMD slot as well, Tim has graced the system with 32gb of flash memory, a built-in camera, and a dedicated charge slot that allows the console to be charged during any activity. It, in line with the modding community’s bylaws, also sports some custom firmware and emulation. In a video interview – included after the jump – he details the modded handheld, as well as sharing his not so pleasant thoughts on the PSPGo.

2 thoughts on “Dream (Modded) PSP Found”

  1. Eh I don’t consider it to be the ‘dream’ PSP at all. Because no game supports the 2nd analog nub. And the Custom Firmware is obtainable for all PSP’s.

    He’s just made a GP2X Wiz with a larger screen.

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