11 Oct

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Images have shown up on the British version of Xbox.com, revealing that Facebook and Twitter will be available on the Xbox 360 in the United Kingdom from November 17th onwards. The functionality was announced earlier this year at the E3 in Los Angeles. No official statement has been released whether or not these features will be available worldwide on the same day, though Xbox 360 Dashboard updates are generally launched simultaneous. After the jump you can find the image that revealed the release date.

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3 thoughts on “Facebook & Twitter Coming to 360 in November”

  1. And you can already do those things on the PS3 already. And NO Browser MS? You couldn’t have put in a version of IE anywhere on the 360 for people to use the internet that they are so graciously paying you to use. Come on, also add keyboard and mouse support since you make keyboards and mice, and make it so it has to be a MS device to work, especially if you are gonna have Facebook and Twitter support.

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