30 Oct

Halloween is a favorite time of year for us here at Elder-Geek.com. After all, a good number of our favorite video games have been heavily inspired by horror films, creature features, and legends of the occult. To keep with the horror theme and help get you in the holiday mood, every Friday in October we’re going to review a different horror game.

October 2nd –
Obscure 2: The Aftermath (PSP)

Sexy college students try to survive a mass infestation of plant monsters while a mysterious stalker lurks in the woods. Who will survive?

October 9th –
The Path

Six girls try to make their way through the forest to grandmother’s house. Will the wolf devour them? Or will they stay on the path?

October 16th –
Resident Evil

Can you survive the evil mansion and all its secrets?

October 23rd –
Top 10 Survival Horror Games

In the battle for the best in survival horror video games, which games have brought out the squeamish little girls in us better than any other?

October 30th –
Silent Hill, Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill 4: The Room

A special treat for the final night of the Creature Feature Series: a still-breathing pile of Silent Hill.


4 thoughts on “Friday Night Creature Feature”

    1. I wonder what games will be reviewed… SH2, Fatal Frame 2 Directors Cut, RE2, maybe some Dead Space with a mix of Alone in the Dark (original) mixed in.

  1. Awesome. Looking forward to them. I will be saddened when my poorly written SH2 review is replaced, but oh wells.

    Blessed be he who rates Fatal Frame. Damned be he if written with shame.

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