15 Oct


The Beatles: Rock Band has quickly become one of the most critically beloved and fan endeared releases of the year, with one of the first songs released as DLC, “All You Need is Love,” becoming the fastest selling track of the music-rhythm franchise’s history. But developer Harmonix is pretty keen to rest on their laurels before giving fans other highly-awaited songs as downloadable content. John Drake, a big name at Harmonix, recently described the intended release schedule to BBPS;

“Every time we do one song, it’s not like Rock Band where we wait for the masters to come in and just author them… its like, send people to Abbey Road, use the original tape, separate them out… it costs thousands of dollars,” explained Drake. “We’re waiting to see how things sell. We’re waiting to see how the albums do. If they sell well, we’ll have a lot more content.”

Aside from the mentioned “Abbey Road” album, both “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and “Rubber Soul” are slated to be released in full as DLC. Fans clamoring for post-Beatles tracks from the likes of Paul McCartney and John Lennon – not to mention “The White Album” – will have to wait alongside Harmonix to see if the intended DLC sells enough to merit continued releases.