08 Oct

In an interview with USA today, 343 Industries director Frank O’ Connor states that the Halo franchise is not over and “We do have a plan that goes out at least six years. Eventually it will become very apparent that there is a plan for the way the canon ties together and the way the comic books and the novels all tie together.” O’Connor also teased that they’re still looking for a publisher for the Halo movie, which is to take place after Halo 3 story arc stating, “”I think that (his) fate, Cortana’s fate and the identity of that giant, dark planet at the ending are probably big mysteries that would be irritating if they were just cliffhangers”.  Confirmed releases in the franchise thus far are Halo Reach, Halo: Helljumper and Bloodline Comic series, Halo Evolutions novel and Halo Legends anime.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft: Six More Years of Halo”

  1. Anyone surprised by this, I am not. Microsoft is gonna mild Halo for all it is worth. At this point, Halo only needs to be released 2-3 years, it is getting a little tiring. Halo is just another FPS, and the market is too saturated with FPSes so Microsoft, give Halo a break and give us something new!

  2. I’m pretty happy with this news to be honest. I’m quite the Halo nut myself, and I love the way how the games intertwine with eachother and the non-gaming parts of the canon (books).

    Halo is just another FPS, true, but the series as a whole are more than that, and I’m glad they’re continuing it. Another FPS with the Master Chief as the lead character would be kinda meh though (at least if it follows on Halo 3)… not enough story archs to cover his future in a game. However, there are quite some loose ends in the Halo story that could do with tying up.

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