26 Oct

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Confirming persistent rumors that have been circling around the internet for months, Sony Computer Entertainment of America and Netflix have released a joint press statement revealing that the Netflix service will be making its way onto Playstation Network. The Netflix service will allow users to stream movies and tv series from their console. For more information, please hit the jump.

For a little less than 9 USD per month, users will have unlimited access to movies and tv series through the service. At the offset of the service, the service will not be available from PSN. Instead, users that wish to use the service on the Playstation 3 will receive a free disc containing the service, and access to the service can only be gained by using this disc.

The service will be available somewhere next month, though no specific date has been confirmed. The service has only been confirmed for the United States. Until now, the Netflix service was exclusive to the Xbox 360.

The press release can be found here.

6 thoughts on “Netflix Coming to Playstation 3”

    1. Netflix doesn’t offer full HD streaming do they? I don’t think the video store is going anywhere.

      It better not cause it hasn’t come to europe yet.

  1. I wonder if there will be a seperate netflixs icon, or if it will just be integrated into the store? I guess we will find out very soon. This must have been in the works for awhile considering they probably had to build the software for it, odd they wouldnt have announced it at TGS, to gain hype for the holiday season.

    1. You have to have a disc in the system until late next year. Because of MS’s exclusivity deal, an XMB tab won’t work until the deal runs out. Until then, you have to have the disc in. There is an article on Joystiq detailing the whole thing.

  2. YEEEAHHHH I’ve been waiting for this for awhile!

    Now all of those ‘Play Now’ movies in my queue might actually get played…now!

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