25 Nov

It’s time! Contestants from the 2009 Elder-Geek.com Beard Off can now start posting their entry photos (as many as you’d like) by submitting links in the comments sections to your photobuckets, flickr or any other type of photo sharing site so we can all see those beards! Be sure to type ” *****ENTRY***** ” at the beginning of your post so it doesn’t get lost in the comment fray. Susibear, Pjnookus, and Kristie will all put their thinking caps on and they’ll announce a winner sometime next week!

Rememeber, deadline is Friday!

Good luck!

NOTE: Please add your entries only once. Because we’re dropping in links, the spam catcher might put them into the spam bin. I’ll be sure to dig them out. If your entry doesn’t get posted by the end of the day, send me an email to randy at elder-geek dot com and I’ll make sure your entry is posted!

25 thoughts on “2009 Elder-Geek.com Beard Off Entry Page”

    1. We’ve -been ex-pect-ing you Mr. -Free-man

      Pre-pare for un-fore-seen con-sequen-ces


  1. I would like to remind everyone of the integrity of the contest. Please do not submit a picture from more than 2 weeks ago.

  2. I have to wait till I get home to take pictures. I’ll take some showing off what I grew, and then the trimming, cause my beard isn’t that great.

    1. My god Jesse, you’re the exact replicate of one of the programmers of the team. Or is he YOUR replicate? Possibilities are endless.

      No, but really, Ale, quick fucking around.

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