23 Nov


Even with its recent price drop and several hardware revisions, Sony’s Playstation 3 is set to post its second billion dollar loss in a row come the end of the fiscal year in March. The Chief Executive at the company, Howard Stringer, was reported to have spoken about the plans for the system’s – and company’s – future at its Tokyo headquarters. Some of the more important highlights of the proposed speech included a goal of complete profitability in Sony’s Playstation and Flat-Panel TV brands by the end of the next fiscal year, but for gamers, more interest will stem from the electronics manufacturer’s plan for 3-D technology.

“This is a new Sony. The new team here is as digitally connected as our devices,” Stringer reported.

“[It’s] a pillar of our strategy,” added fellow executive Hiroshi Yoshioka while speaking about 3-D, “We are all getting geared up on this theme.”

With the motion controller heading it’s way shelf-side next year, this new 3-D push is rumored to be coming to every PS3 unit via firmware update. Aside from bringing the same technology to their TV brand, expect Sony to also focus even more heavily on digital distribution to further buffer their losses in the coming months.

Excited about taking your favorite games into an additional dimension? Think the technology is still too much in it’s “fad” stage to be useful? Either way, your got some comment space below, use it!

4 thoughts on “2011 to be the Year of Profitability/3-D for PS3”

  1. Cool…I am not really sold on 3D right now since most people haven’t been doing it right. I don’t have a TV that can support, unless a TV from 2006 can.

    Avatar the Game does have good 3D and I want to see the movie to see if it can capture it too. I really don’t want to wear glasses to get the effect, especially when there are gaps in the glasses, goggles might work a little bit better.

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