07 Apr

Sony has made dramatic efforts to be at the forefront of 3D gaming, and it looks like many of the most successful of the company’s Playstation brand will either be retrofitted or come equipped with 3D visuals, according to The Gamer Access. Little surprise to see the highly anticipated sequel to the Gran Turismo driving […]

14 Jan

Many are still unconvinced of the profit power of 3-dimensional technology in games, despite its rampant successes in recent film releases. This year’s CES show, however, sported quite a few 3-D enabled technologies, many companies attempting to push the tech on consumers as early as later this year. James McQuivey, Vice President and Principal Analyst […]

28 Dec

With 3-D technology raking in heavy cash at the box office, the first steps in bringing the format to home gaming have already been taken with titles like G-Force and Avatar: The Game. But with recent rumblings from both the Blu-Ray Disc Association and PS3-makers Sony Computer Entertainment, it seems like the industry is poised […]